WraithStation is a Minecraft event studio creating a variety of gameshows, tournaments and events for content creators and community members from around the globe!

New & Upcoming:

The Quiz LIVE is a monthly Minecraft TV-style quiz show, featururing rounds including 20 Question Trivia, Block Shop, Trivia Towers and more!Which of the three contestants will emerge victorious?

Upcoming shows:

S3 E09Saturday 20th April5pm BST
S4 E01Saturday 18th May5pm BST

More events to be announced...

We're currently working on our 2024 programme of shows AND events. We're super excited to be able to share more info with you soon!Make sure to join our Discord and follow us on our socials below so you don't miss out!

What is WraithStation?

WraithStation is a Minecraft event studio creating a variety of gameshows, tournaments and events for content creators and community members from around the globe!

Studio Gameshows

These shows have small casts and are as much about the interactions between players as they are about the game.We currently run The Quiz LIVE as a monthly quiz show.Some of our previous gameshows have included communication co-op chaos "Broken Communication", Pictionary madness "Paint", deadly quiz show "Thinking Caps", and our own take on the BBC's gameshow "Pointless".

These shows have small casts and are as much about the interactions between players as they are about the game.We currently run The Quiz LIVE as a monthly quiz show.Some of our previous gameshows have included communication co-op chaos "Broken Communication", Pictionary madness "Paint", deadly quiz show "Thinking Caps", and our own take on the BBC's gameshow "Pointless".

Survival Experiences

Minigame Tournaments


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Join our staff team!

Do you love the idea of organising and running Minecraft events? Come and join our volunteer team!Staff applications are currently closed. For short-term roles, or enquiries about staff opportunties, please feel free to get in touch.

Become a Content Partner!

Would you like to run a Minecraft event?
Do you have a project in mind but you can't quite reach what you'd like to do?
Whether you're just looking for a bit of help with marketing, or full assistance with building, coding and running the event - you can apply to become one of our official Content Partners!

Collab with us!

We're always looking for new friends and partners in the event sphere.Even if you're not looking for a partnership, or don't have a particular project in mind, we're always down for a chat :)

Content Partnerships

Would you like to take your project to the next level?Content Partnership applications are open now!

Previous / Current Partnerships:

The Quiz LIVE
Season 2 (Ep7 onwards) & Season 3

Partnership with TheHappywheels1
WraithStation's Role:
- marketing assistance
- website support
- presenting VTs
- managing casting

Advancement Race for ADAA
(one-off event)

Partnership with WombleLive
WraithStation's Role:
- hosting and setting up the server
- building the event spawn
- marketing assistance
- co-hosting / live adminning

Chrunchy Christmas
(one-off event)

Partnership with CrunchMunch Creations
WraithStation's Role:
- assistance with map building
- website design
- trailer, poster & graphics production
- social media support
- managing casting
- live adminning


What is WraithStation looking for in a partner?
We are looking for partners who are dedicated, enthusiastic, and above all, open-minded and flexible to new ideas.
What types of projects are you looking for?
Our primary interest is in Minecraft events, but if you have something else - whether that be a server, a video idea, a podcast or something else entirely, let us know!
Are there any project types you're NOT interested in?
Projects are judged on their own merits; however at the moment we're unlikely to be able to accept heavily modded events / servers, lore-based SMPs, projects that require a lot of video editing on our end (small things like trailers are fine), projects that are very ambitious (unless you have experience to back it up), or projects that aren't related to Minecraft Java Edition.
How can you help my project?
Depending on what you're looking for, our assistance can range from purely advisory to running an entire event. For example, we could help with marketing, recruiting players, gameplay and map design, server hosting, or live adminning.
What will I need to give in return?
This depends on the type of partnership, for example the workload split. At minimum we would be looking for credits, and some promotion of WraithStation. For more involved projects, we may be looking for partial or full content hosting on our own channels, and/or a greater degree of creative control / ownership. This is absolutely up for discussion to find something suitable for both parties, as it is a case-by-case basis.
How much info do I need to give about my project?
Most questions on the application are optional - they are just starting points to get a discussion moving if we think your idea has potential and is a good fit for us. Just fill in whatever you can / like!
What if I don't really know what I want to do?
If you don't have a particular project in mind, but you know you want to create something with us, feel free to reach out directly rather than through the form. We sometimes have roles available on our own events that you could get involved with, or we can work together to come up with an idea for a collab.
Will you steal my ideas if I submit them but get rejected?
No! That said, please be aware we do have an extensive and ever-growing ideas list already, so there may be some overlap, especially with generic ideas and concepts. If rejected, any similarities between your idea and future shows are purely coincidental.

Here is a list of WraithStation Minecraft events, organised by date with the most recent first.
This excludes small Minecraft community events, as well as non-Minecraft events.

The Quiz LIVE (Season 3)

Partnered from S2 E7 onwards

Monthly quiz show "The Quiz LIVE" features rounds including 20 Question Trivia, Block Shop, Questions & Ladders, and more!

Chrunchy Christmas

December 2023

8 teams of elves sought to prove their skills in making and delivering presents through a variety of minigames, in order to become Santa's newest helpers! We raised £662.50 (about $840) for Jingle Jam.In partnership with CrunchMunch Creations.


Season 1: July/August/September 2022
Pre-Genesis & Genesis: June/July 2023

In semi-hardcore SMP "Ablockalypse", if you die you become "Infected" and gain special mob-themed powers to help you hunt down and kill remaining survivors. Who will survive the Ablockalypse?

Bingo & Builds

July 2023

A 2-part community event of Minecraft Bingo followed by a friendly build battle.

Trading Posts

Event 1: May 2022
Event 2: February 2023

In Trading Posts, teams race to earn as many emeralds as they can by completing a variety of challenges around the map. How will they find their fortune?We have ran this event twice, once in 2022, and again as an anniversary special in 2023.

WraithStation Wonderland

December 2022

WraithStation Wonderland was a winter festival full of minigames and activities and open to all. We raised £609.69 (about $740) for mental health charity Mind!

Thinking Caps

Episode 1: June 2022
Episode 2: November 2022

Thinking Caps is a deadly 1v1 of Minecraft trivia. Who will fall in the Floors Of Truth, and who will meet their fiery demise in Trivia Drop?

Advancement Race for ADAA

July 2022

Teams raced to complete as many advancements as they could within the time limit, whilst raising $376.00 for mental health charity ADAA!In partnership with WombleLive.


Episode 1: November 2021
Episode 2: July 2022

Based on the BBC show of the same name. Players try to pick the most obscure answer in each category, in the hopes of getting a "pointless answer" (one that none of the survey group have thought of). Categories include Minecraft, gaming, and pop culture.


Episode 1: August 2021
Episode 2: April 2022

Contestants and special guests play Pictionary using literally anything other than paintbrushes.

Project M.R.A.W.C.

January/February 2022

Project M.R.A.W.C. ("Make Rin And Womble Cry") was a secret stream anniversary present / party for Rinzeon and WombleLive, in which they had to complete a series of challenges and puzzles based around their own content creation careers, with their own communities as an interactive live audience.

Astral Architect

October 2021

Astral Architect was a build battle set in space, following the abduction of each contestant by a duo of bored aliens. Each episode posed a new building challenge or theme, after which players were eliminated until just one remained.

Capture The Flag

June 2021

Capture The Flag was a war SMP featuring four teams, unexpected catastrophic events every hour, and a Capture The Flag finale.The event lasted three days / episodes for a total of twelve hours.

Hide & Seek Tournament

May 2021

The Hide & Seek tournament was played in pairs across three themed maps: the shopping centre / mall, the slime temple, and the ancient sands.

Broken Communication

April 2021

In Broken Communication, four players separated by walls were challenged to build the same cube. However, each player could only hear one other, so they had to pass messages down the line like in a game of Telephone.

Wraith Race

Escape From Castle Wraith: February/March 2021

In Wraith Race, four pairs of contestants raced to see who could complete all three levels of rage-inducing puzzles the fastest.


We're lucky to be able to bring our events to a range of talented players and creators!
Here are some of the people who have featured in our events, and helped make them so special!

Staff Team & Partners:

Regular Cast:

These are the players you'll see regularly in lots of WraithStation events!

Previous & Occasional Cast

Throughout our 3+ years of running events, we've been privileged to work with a number of other amazing creators across our gameshows and events!




You can tell that the WraithStation team is passionate about what they do and I am always blown away by their events! Everything is well put together and the maps they make are absolutely gorgeous.Somehow WraithStation has managed to create the most perfect combination of a fun and personal energy in which I as a player feel comfortable and confident while also staying professional.- Minuvix, regular contestant

With the Trading Posts Event being my very first event with WraithStation, I have never been in a more professional and well run event in my entire content creation career.It was the most fun I ever had in an event and I still talk to my friends about that event today because it was entertaining and the people and staff were just so nice and pleasant.- RVM3, contestant on Trading Posts

Wraith’s shows are so well put together, from the sets to the games.There is so much effort put into every production, and it is like being a kid in a candy store when you get to run around those amazing builds!- Shoomdle, contestant on Astral Architect

Playing in Wraith Race was lots of fun!The map was great, and me and my teammate had lots of laughs as we tried (and succeeded) to solve the map!- Zuite, contestant on Wraith Race: Trick Or Treat (Creator Week)


Feedback is really important for us to improve the player and viewer experience for future events.If there's an aspect you particularly enjoyed, or something you think we could improve on, let us know!By submitting this form, you consent to our storage and use of your submissions in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
Feedback will be used internally to help us improve our events. We will never use your feedback as a public testimonial without your consent.

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Other socials

Apply For Staff!

Applications to join our team are now open!As WraithStation does not currently earn any profit, all roles are volunteer / unpaid roles.But we can offer new friends, new skills, a chance to watch your ideas come to life, creating events and projects that couldn't be created alone, and a lot of laughs along the way!

Creative Producer

A major role on varying projects, which may include small Minecraft events, community events, Minecraft maps, minigames and more.Get involved across multiple areas of production, and help guide the direction of the project from idea to completion.As this is a major role, we are looking for someone who can commit to working on the project for at least a few hours a week on average.

Video Producer

A major role in video content. In 2024 we're looking to start making short and simple gameshows again for YouTube, as well as publishing shorts for YouTube, TikTok and socials.We're looking for someone to help across multiple areas of production, including ideas and planning, set design, gameplay design, and filming. We'll be working on short, simple ideas, covering lots of different genres, that we can turn around relatively quickly.Video editing can be included, sometimes included, or excluded at your preference.As this is a major role, we are looking for someone who can commit to working on the project for at least a few hours a week on average.

Video Editor

Edit short videos, including mini Minecraft gameshows, trailers, and TikToks.We're not anticipating making videos that will have lots of footage / perspectives, or require lots of fancy effects. That said, if you'd like to incorporate stylistic elements, then it is flexible in this regard!

General Production Team

In addition to the main roles, we also have a General Production Team to help out with various tasks on an as-and-when-available basis. This is a completely flexible role to suit your interests and schedule.The role can include ideas generation, building, coding, playtesting, live adminning, and much more!

Other Roles

If none of these roles take your fancy, or you have specific skills / interests you think would be a good fit for us, feel free to get in touch!Or, if you already have an event or project that you'd like to work with us on, we do have a Content Partnerships programme.

Terms & Conditions

Last updated 4th July 2023
In "Marketing Materials", clarified that where using your likeness or footage for potential future marketing, this will only be in the context of your participation in our event.

These terms apply to WraithStation events and platforms in general.Further terms & conditions related to a specific event or platform may be available on the appropriate platform or website. This may include additional rules, policies or embargos, and will be provided in a visible location.If you have any questions about these terms, or the terms of any of our other events or platforms, please feel free to get in touch.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTSYou must be aged 13+ to apply for or take part in a WraithStation or TQL event, or to be a member of our Discord or community platforms.Most events require you to be aged 16+. This will be specified on the application or booking form where appropriate.

CODE OF CONDUCTBy applying for or taking part in an event, or on our community platforms such as Discord, you agree to behave in a reasonable and sportsmanlike manner. This includes the following base rules:

  • Be respectful of others, including staff, players and community members.

  • Do not be excessively toxic, rude, attention-seeking, or a bad sport.

  • Do not use slurs (including reclaimed slurs), or any language or imagery that is discriminatory, suggestive, or sexual.

  • Do not self promote or advertise third parties without permission.

  • Do not discuss any sensitive, political, or potentially triggering topics in chat.

  • Do not use anything that will give an unfair gameplay advantage, or otherwise abusing games - this includes (but is not limited to) exploits, hacks, "cheat" texture packs, autoclickers, cross-teaming, or deliberately trying to break the games, server, or map.

Further rules related to a specific event or Discord server can be found on the relevant server / website.

MARKETING MATERIALSBy accepting a position in a WraithStation event, you agree to us using your creator name / nickname, profile picture, links, Minecraft skin / likeness, and other public-facing information, for the purposes of marketing this event. These may also be used for promoting WraithStation or its future events in the context of your participation in this event - for example featuring you on our cast lists or other credits, or in multi-event screenshot compilations or trailers. This may be displayed on the WraithStation website, on our social medias, in our communications, or in-game.WraithStation events may be photographed, recorded or livestreamed. This includes both on WraithStation channels, as well as personal channels belonging to participants, that we do not have control over. By accepting a position in the event, you agree to featuring in such photographs or recordings.By accepting a position in the event, you agree to us using clips or screenshots of your POV taken during the event, for the purposes of marketing this event. This may also include future events or WraithStation as a whole in the context of your participation in this event, for example in WraithStation trailers. This may be displayed on the WraithStation website, on our social medias, in our communications, or in-game. We will not upload your Twitch VODs, footage edited by you, or video content that primarily or exclusively focuses on you, to WraithStation-ran channels or platforms, without your informed consent.We will not use your information, footage or likeness on commercial materials, such as on merchandise or on donation pages, or to imply an endorsement of WraithStation, without your informed consent.

VIOLATION OF THESE TERMSWraithStation reserves the right to block entry to or remove players from our events or community platforms, at any time, without giving reason or notice. This may include if we believe you cause risk of harm to an event, server, staff member, player or community member, based on your actions taken before, during or after an event.Depending on the severity and evidence of the violation, this may also include a temporary or permanent ban from future WraithStation events or platforms.

COMPLAINTS & BAN APPEALSIf you feel that you have been treated unfairly by WraithStation staff, you may contact us at wraith@wraithstation.com

Competition Rules

Win a £50 Steam Gift Card!

Last updated 20th October 2023

ENTRY REQUIREMENTSNo purchase is necessary to enter or win. A purchase does not increase chances of winning.The competition is open worldwide to contestants aged 13+, and is void where prohibited by law.As WraithStation staff members receive no competitive advantage, they are permitted to compete as well. Staff members are bound by the same rules and verification process as any other entrant, and are not permitted to verify their own submissions.

HOW TO ENTERTo enter, you must submit a speedrun that fits the the Speedrun Rules, via this form.Players must play solo and use normal Parkour Mode.Incomplete, inaccurate, or unverifiable entries will be disqualified.The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, 1st November 2023 at 00:00 BST. Entries submitted after this time are ineligible.Entrants may enter as many times as they like.

HOW TO WINThe winner will be the player who completes the Wraith Race: Trick Or Treat map in the fastest time on Normal Parkour Mode, in accordance with the Speedrun Rules.Submissions will be verified, and the winner contacted, in November 2023.

OTHER TERMSThe winner will be the player who completes the Wraith Race map in the fastest time, in accordance with the Speedrun Rules.Submissions will be verified, and the winner contacted, in November 2023.The winner will be contacted through Discord DMs. The winner must provide a Steam ID and accept a Steam friend request upon request by WraithStation, in order to receive their prize. Once the prize has been received by the winner, they may remove the WraithStation representative as a Steam friend.The prize is a Steam gift card for £50 (fifty GBP). This will be automatically converted into the winner's currency by Steam. The final amount may vary due to conversion rates or fees charged by Steam. Any difference will not be made up by WraithStation.If the winner has not claimed their prize within 7 days of first being contacted, the prize will be offered to the 2nd highest scorer.The winner will be announced on WraithStation social and community platforms.The prize is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or an alternative.WraithStation is not responsible for any technical problems, or entrant's user error, that may prevent you from entering the giveaway or receiving the prize.If you have any questions about these terms, please contact wraith@wraithstation.com

Privacy Policy

Last updated 30th September 2023 (minor clarification, and added delivery of prizes to our reasons for collecting user information)


  • "WraithStation" refers to the staff team of WraithStation events.

  • "Director of WraithStation" refers to Wraithzeon, who is responsible for WraithStation.

  • "WraithStation Originals" refers to shows and events ran by WraithStation, excluding The Quiz Live and other partnered events.

  • "WraithStation website" refers to this website (www.wraithstation.com) as well as subdomains of wraithstation.com (such as www.subdomain.wraithstation.com)

  • "TQL" refers to the staff team of The Quiz Live.

  • "Director of TQL" refers to TheHappywheels1, who is responsible for TQL.

  • "The Quiz Live" is an event series ran by TQL and partnered with WraithStation.

  • "TQL website" refers to the The Quiz Live website (www.thequizlive.com)

THIS WEBSITEWraithStation and TQL do not see or collect any user information directly from the WraithStation website or TQL website.

APPLICATIONS, FORMS, SHOWS & EVENTSWraithStation and TQL may collect the following information from applicants:

  • name and/or nickname

  • pronouns

  • age bracket (13-15, 16-17, 18+)

  • email address

  • Discord ID

  • Minecraft IGN and UUID

  • profile picture

  • social links, such as YouTube, Twitch and Twitter

  • broad locational data (country, time zone)

  • IP address (if you join one of our Minecraft servers)

  • publicly available information such as your public profile information or stream analytics.

We collect this in order to:

  • process applications and ticket bookings

  • allow players to join and play on our Minecraft servers

  • allow other event functionality such as team communication channels

  • send you information about events you are participating in

  • promote you and your social media links on our website and socials

  • collect feedback

  • deliver prizes and awards for winning giveaways and competitions

  • provide a safe and comfortable environment for everyone involved in WraithStation and WraithStation-partnered events (including The Quiz Live).

By submitting an application or ticket booking, you consent to us attempting to contact you through the contact method/s you have provided, for the above purposes.We only use your information for the purposes stated above. Application and booking form submissions are only visible to WraithStation and TQL staff, with the exception of third parties as described below. Sensitive data such as IP address is only visible to the Director of WraithStation and/or the Director of TQL, with the exception of third parties as described below.

WRAITHSTATION+ ON KO-FIWraithStation may collect the following information from donors and paid members: name and/or nickname, email address, and postal address (when purchasing physical goods).We collect this in order to send you the products you have ordered, provide you with membership benefits as applicable, and send you shipping alerts and/or updates on your order.We only use your information for the purposes stated above. Information provided is only visible to the Director of WraithStation, with the exception of third parties as described below.

FEEDBACK & TESTIMONIALSWraithStation may collect and store feedback about our events in order to track performance, improve future shows, and use as testimonials for marketing purposes. We will never publish your feedback publicly, or use it as a testimonial of WraithStation without your consent.

MAILING LISTS & NEWSLETTERSWraithStation may collect the following information if you sign up to one of our newsletters: name and/or nickname, and email address.We can also see analytics related to our emails, such as views and clicks, as well as audience demographics such as age, gender and country. These may be in connection with your name and email address.We collect this in order to send you marketing material via email, such as information about event opportunities you may be interested in, and analyse how our email campaigns perform.We only use your information for the purposes stated above. Information provided is only visible to the Director of WraithStation, with the exception of third parties as described below.

CUSTOMER SERVICE REQUESTSIf you contact us to request assistance, we may collect your contact information as provided directly by you, for example your name and/or nickname, email address, social handles or Discord ID, as well as any additional information you may choose to share within your message.

THIRD PARTIESThis privacy policy applies solely to information collected by WraithStation and TQL.The WraithStation website and the TQL website contain links to other websites. We encourage you to read the privacy statements of each website that collects personally identifiable information.WraithStation and TQL use the following third party tools, which may collect additional information in accordance with their own privacy policies.Information may be shared with additional third parties where we are required to do so by law.

PurposeWebsite Links
Website & domain hosting.Carrd, IONOS
Admin tools such as documents, forms and databases.Google, Microsoft Forms, Notion, Notion Forms, Airtable
Live web chat.Tidio
Email marketing.Email Octopus, Mailchimp
Community & marketing.Discord, Twitter
Minecraft server hosting.Apex Hosting, Bisect Hosting, Sticky Piston Hosting
Donations, fundraising, store orders and payments.Ko-fi, Paypal, Stripe, Tiltify

DELETION OF YOUR DATAYou may request a copy of or deletion of all data held about you by WraithStation and TQL, by emailing wraith@wraithstation.com


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